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Battery Powered Trailer Tracker

All New Trailer Tracker

4G • Weatherproof • Replaceable Batteries.

The GL500MA Trailer Tracker operates on replaceable, inexpensive internal batteries. No wiring is required. Just Attach and Track! This self contained tracker reports its location every 12 hours. Other reporting intervals are available.

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GPS tracking from a mobile device


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Tracker Systems GPS Tracking Answers
  • Cleaner Interface

    A cleaner background to make things easier to see.
  • More maps!

    Have up to 3 Google Maps on the map page. Better use of maps on playback and reports
  • Alerts

    Integrated subfleets make it easier to apply alerts across your fleet.
GPS Tracking and Temperature Monitoring

Temperature & GPS Tracking Options

Temperature and GPS tracking: all in one package. Monitor your Reefer temperature and Truck position from afar.  Easy to install devices, several options to choose from.  Continuous, real time, around the clock temperature monitoring.  Reports every 15 minutes when not moving and every 2 minutes when moving.  

The Device

The tracking devices all report on the AT&T 4G network.  For Reefer temperature tracking, the trackers have temperature probes on a 8 foot cable.  The trackers can support one or two temperature probes.


The Software

The device is fully integrated in our Tracking System with controls to enable alerts and control on/off duty phases.  We never delete data and offer a complete picture of temperature over time. 


Intrigued?  More about Temperature Tracking

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