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SYSTEM STATUS has moved.

NEW:  Notices of outages or scheduled maintenance will be posted in the new "Help & Info" page - see the tab at the top of the page. 

New Feature:  Maintenance

Maintenance is a new feature that allows you to set up scheduled maintenance for your Tracker-Equipped vehicles and assets.  You can set up reminders to perform routine maintenance, schedule one-time repairs and track service tasks, time and expense.  Look for the "Maintenance" tab - now at the top of each page.

System Status and New Features to join "Help & Info"

News about system changes, website maintenance, new or changed features will now be found by clicking the "Help & Info" tab at the top of each page.  Also, in the event of a network alert a special message tab will now appear as the top-right tab.  Answers to questions can also be found on these pages.

winkTech Tip...

It's best to close your internet browser completely whenever you're done using your computer.  This allows you to open the newest version of our web pages each day.  Also, make sure your computer is set to auto-update your internet browser!

Mobile WebApp

Smartphone and Tablet site can be accessed by using your internet web browser and entering this address in the address window (not search) or click:

Use your same username and password from the main site.

New Alerts


We've added two new alerts to the system - Ignition Change and PTO (Aux Input) Change. Ignition Alert sends an e-mail when the vehicle key is turned on or off. PTO/Aux Input change sends an e-mail when the PTO (such as a tow truck winch or a shredder on a truck sled) is in use.  These alerts are available for MT devices. To activate these alerts, go to the ALERTS Tab and click the Square to change it to Green. Verify that your e-mail address is correct - click the ACCOUNT Tab and click MY TRACKER CONTACTS. If your name and e-mail address are not correct, click the Pencil to edit or click the + to add a contact. Please note that the system will only send a maximum of two "ON" and two "OFF" messages per hour - you must check the website reports for more frequent updates. Also, the PTO/Aux alerts require the device to be wired specially to send this information and there is an additional monthly charge for PTO/Aux reporting. Ignition reporting is included with standard MT device service.


Trailer Trackers, Generator Trackers, Mower Trackers, Cargo Container Trackers

New Trackers for Assets.  For more info call 877-872-2521 or click here to send us a message..

Map Icons

Icons (pictures on the map representing vehicles and assets) give you more information about the status of your fleet.


lorrygreen The vehicle is moving with the key on. lorryyellow The vehicle is idling or moving slowly. lorryred Vehicle turned off.

67fiveminnomove The vehicle has not moved for 5 minutes. 68tenminnomove The vehicle has not moved for 10 minutes. 9sixtyminnomove The vehicle has not moved in 60 minutes.

Also, if you mouse over any icon on the map such as 68tenminnomove or lorryyellow you will see an enhanced "information window" showing the status of the vehicle and the reason for this report (key was turned on, stationary 10 minutes with ignition on, etc). Try it !


The Maps are Bigger now.

Helpful Tip: Press the "F11" button on your keyboard (top row) to switch "Full View" on and off. Try it!

We've listened to you and developed new features and capabilities for the MyTracker website.


We appreciate your business. Thank you for being a Tracker Systems customer.



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Tracker Text Messaging

New Feature!  Tracker Text Messaging. 

Send a text message directly from this website to a cell phone (usually the driver of the vehicle).  Obtain the permission of the cell phone subscriber and verify that the cell phone has a Text Messaging package as regular SMS charges will apply to the cell phone. 

This feature is currently available at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for your Tracker Systems account.  Use up to 200 messages per Tracker Unit per Month. Normal rates apply for the cell phone. 

To activate Tracker Text Messaging, click on the "Account" tab at the top of this page and click on "Manage Units", click the pencil for the vehicle you want to add the feature, enter the 10 digit cell phone number to be associated with this vehicle, change "textable" to yes, and click "Save" at the bottom.

At the bottom of most pages you will now see the Tracker Text Messaging Box.  Use the pull-down to select the unit you want to SMS and type your message. Click "Send Message" and then click "View Messages".
Contact customer support for more details.